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On April 9, 1907, these men, Dr. John D. England, John S. Johnson, Nels Anderson, Joseph H. Larson, Eli Matson, Walter Matson and C.B. Pfrimmer, met at the Axtell depot for the purpose of organizing a bank in Axtell, Nebraska.

  From this group of men they elected as the president – Dr. John D. England, vice-president – Joseph H. Larson, and cashier – C.B. Pfrimmer.

  A state charter, number 985, was issued to the Farmers & Merchants Bank of Axtell,Nebraska opened for business on August 1, 1907.The bank conducted business from the building that now stands at 402 Main Avenue in Axtell .On June 23, 1923 Dr. John D. England bought out the original stockholders shares making the stockholders at that time Dr. John D. England, Mrs. Nannie O. England and C. S. England.

About Us

We have been proudly serving the community of Axtell, Nebraska and the surrounding area Kearney County for over 100 years.

  On March 6, 1933, when all banks were closed by President Roosevelt, the Farmers & Merchants Bank re-opened on March 15, 1933, and from that date on has been the only bank in Axtell.

  In 1957 the bank conducted and completed an extensive remodeling of their facilities.On August 3, 1957 the bank celebrated their fiftieth anniversary.

  On January 19, 1965 the Board of Directors approved the purchase of Edna’s Beauty Salon just on the north side of the bank.The addition would help to serve the England & Son Insurance Company.

  On October 5, 1981 the bank purchased the V.F.W. Building; it’s located on the south side of the bank.

On August 1, 1982 the bank celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary.

I  n January 1986 the board of directors approved the demolition of VFW building, for new drive-up window service.The bank’s drive-up widow was built and completed December 1, 1988.

  In 2007 the bank conducted and completed an extensive remodeling of their facilities.On August 2 – 3, 2007, the bank celebrated its 100th anniversary.

  The original directors of the bank were: Dr. John D. England – 1907, Joseph H. Larson – 1907, John S. Johnson –1907; J. A. Johnson – 1907; Eli Matson – 1907; Walter Matson – 1907; and C.B. Pfrimmer – 1907.

  Subsequent directors and the dates of their election to office are as follows: Dr. John D. England 1907; Carlyle S. England – 1913; Nannie O (Sanden) England – 1923; Bertha V. (Carlson) England – 1944; Renee (England) Ziebarth – 1944; John Fred England – 1947; Mary C. (Jurgensmier) England – 1955; Holly D. England – 1983; Carmie J. (Enlgand) Geiser – 1983; Diane England – 1985; Jeff England – 1985.

Farmers & Merchants Bank has had four generations to serve as presidents: Dr. John D. 

England (founder) 1907-1946; Carlyle Sanden England 1946 – 1965; John Fred England 1965-1992; John Jeffrey England 1992-to the present time.

Vice presidents of the bank have been: Joseph H. Larson – 1907-1922; Nels Anderson – 1923; Bertha V. England – 1946-1955 then 1965-1974; John Fred England – 1955-1965; and Mary C. England – 1974-1990; Holly D. England 1992-to the present time.

Cashiers of the bank have been: C. B. Pfrimmer – 1907; Carlyle S. England – 1916; Milton Soneson – 1936; Renee (England) Ziebarth – 1946; R. T. Ely – 1948; John Fred England – 1956; Peter J. Bina – 1972; and Thelma D. Dunlap – 1983-1991.Holly D. England 1991-to the present time.  The present directors of the bank are; John Fred England – 1947, Holly D. England – 1983, and Carmie J. (England) Geiser – 1983.

The following are serving as current stockholders: John Fred England, Holly D. England – 1982, Carmie J. Geiser – 1982, Diane R. England – 1982, and John Jeffrey England – 1982.

Officers serving today are: John Fred England, Chairman of Board; John Jeffrey England, President /CEO; Holly D. England, Vice President/Cashier; Diane R. Kaasch, Senior Loan Officer- L.P.O. Parker Colorado; and Tellers Denni Cole and Emalie Petersen.

The bank celebrated its 100th anniversary on August 2, 2007.

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